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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Community Campus in Wootton Bassett and Cricklade

 Community Campus
At our Area Board, local people decided that they wanted to pilot a brand new initiative and develop a Community campus, one in Wootton Bassett and another in Cricklade.
The benefit of developing a Campus in the area is that local people can decide what services they need and want - in an easy to access location.
The campus could be a new building or greatly improved existing buildings and each campus will be as individual as the community it serves.The results of the pilot would be used to assist the council in deciding whether to develop a form of not-for-profit community led organisation that would help deliver a variety of community services within each campus.
This model would create an opportunity where local people can directly influence the delivery and improvement of services they choose for their community, in line with policy from central government - through the Localism Bill.
In Wootton Bassett, the leisure centre was due for  refurbishment in about 4 years time, this initiative could deliver an improved service in a much shorter time and link the service with other services that the community wish to see on one Campus.
Leading the initiative are a group of people (called the Shadow Community Operational Board) who identified an interest in the development of such a campus.
The Area Board representative on the Shadow Community Operational Board for Wootton Bassett is :-
Councillor Bill Roberts. Phone   0772 084349 e mail:-
The Area Board representative on the Shadow Community Operational Board for Cricklade is Councillor Peter Colmer Phone 01793 750245  e mail
There are also people to represent the wider community on each group, with Cllr Mike Leighfield representing the Town and Parish Councils for Wootton Bassett and Cllr Ruth Sybiak for Cricklade.
User groups and Community Groups are also represented on the Shadow COBs and further details can be obtained by checking out the web site:-

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